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Best Fire Pit Mat For Wood Deck

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All lovers of a good grilled meal dream of having the ideal space for cooking. And whatever the place, we need to protect it from the fire. Therefore, the ideal is to have the best fire pit mat for wood deck.

Generally, a Fire Pit rests on a solid surface, like an elegant Wood Deck; But sometimes it is the case in which it is placed on the lawn.

What is best for you?

I personally love to enjoy the warmth of the fire pit on the grass, when I am with friends. But for family experiences, I love being on the wood deck; something that I cannot explain, but it is the reason why my pellet grill is easy to transport.

Now, as a protection, I have made several tests of fire pit mats  And I want to share the results.

Join me to see the 7 best fire pit mat for wood deck!

And enjoy a BBQ without risk of fire or damage due to excess heat on the surface.

Top Pick: Cuisinart CGMT-300

Cuisinart CGMT-300

This mat has three of the most important elements when evaluating the best fire pit mat for wood deck. On the one hand, the model is backed by one of the best Grills manufacturers in the United States; while it also offers excellent quality and its design allows practical uses.

With the Cuisinart rug you can take care of spilling hot parts, grease or residue on your deck. The very easy to clean and store; so it guarantees that the experience with the grill is truly pleasant.

The Good Stuff:

  • Practical design
  • High level of damage resistance
  • Guaranteed coverage against spills and heat
  • Protects floors, grass and wood
  • Quality guaranteed by a long-established manufacturer
  • Easy to clean
  • Made of PVC
  • Wide coverage area

The Bad Stuff:

  • Sometimes it is difficult to find
  • Your price may be higher than that of your competitors

Runner Up: GrillTex Grill Mats

GrillTex Grill Mats

For its part, the GrillTex proposal is not far behind. With its 39” x 72” carpet, it offers a much wider coverage area than the Cuisinart. But this supposes a price that generates indecision points for many.

However, this incredible mat provides high-performance surface protection. Being able to isolate your terrace up to 500ºF; which makes it a perfect candidate for accident prevention when you are at your grill or next to your fire pit.

It should be noted that to clean your synthetic rubber, you only need water, which can come perfectly from the garden hose. It is also easy to use, clean and store.

The Good Stuff:

  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Easy to use
  • No special installation required
  • Ideal for large grills
  • Ideal for the protection of terraces and stable surfaces

The Bad Stuff:

  • The price is not so attractive compared to its competitors
  • Can be very unstable on grass
  •  Not recommended for small spaces

Best Budget: GrillTex Grill Mat Round

GrillTex Grill Mat Round

If what you are looking for is a high quality alternative that fits small sizes, this fire pit mat is for you. The GrillTex brand has designed a much more versatile and simple to handle model that is also part of the best fire pit mat for wood deck.

With a rounded design of only 33”, this grill mat has become one of the best alternatives for nearly 6,000 Amazon users. Without a doubt, the quality of the brand adjusted in a compact design, allows more people to enjoy a grill or fire pit with greater peace of mind.

The Good Stuff:

  • 33" compact size
  • Lower and attractive price
  • Quality tested and approved by thousands of users
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Easy to clean

The Bad Stuff:

  • It is not recommended if your grill is large
  •  May be hard to get

Best For Wood Deck: Diversitech Fire Pit

Diversitech Fire Pit Mat

A versatile proposal among the best fire pit mat for wood deck, it is undoubtedly the Diversitech option. Despite having a rectangular design, its 48 "x 30" edition is wide enough to guarantee good coverage; but not too much to require special spaces.

This mat is designed to provide special protection to different types of surfaces such as:

  • Wood
  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Cement
  • Slate
  • Composite Decking

The Good Stuff:

  • Ideal coverage size for small spaces
  • Protection for different types of surface
  • Resistant and durable material

The Bad Stuff:

  • You need to test its operation to avoid inconvenience
  •  Many specimens have presented protection failures

Best And The Most Expensive: Newtex Fire Pad

Newtex Fire Pad

Another of the favorite models among the best fire pit mat for wood deck is the special Newtex design.

A reflective canvas capable of repelling up to 95% of heat; thus providing almost perfect protection for the floor, just below the fire pit or barbecue.

It is made up of several layers, among which the quality provided by the Z-Block fabric stands out. A top quality fire protection layer that allows you to enjoy a good barbecue without the risk of damaging the wood of the terrace.

The Good Stuff:

  • Special size of 30"
  • Ideal for fire pit
  • Top technology to repel heat
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for protection of wood, grass, concrete and bricks

The Bad Stuff:

  • Requires 6.5” clearance to the hot metal parts of the fire pit
  • Price higher than its competitors
  •  May be hard to get

Brinman Fire Pit Mat

Brinman Fire Pit Mat

Talking about resistant and durable pads, in effect leads me to position Brinman's proposal. Inside the best fire pit mat for wood deck, this model is made of a highly heat-resistant canvas.

Therefore, you can be sure that your floors will be completely safe.

It does not matter what type of spill occurs, or the level of heat of the particles that fall on it. Brinman's  proposal is that you can enjoy your BBQ without problems or worries.

Its wide coverage area ensures that even the largest barbecue grills and fire pits have a secure surface to support them. Do not worry about heat damage to your terrace, with this mat you take sufficient caution.

The Good Stuff:

  • Wide coverage area
  • Material resistant to fire and very hot particles
  • Protects diverse selection of surfaces
  • Easy to clean
  • High price, but competitive

The Bad Stuff:

  • Not designed for small spaces
  • Can be unstable on grass
  •  There are cheaper options

Hikira Fire Pit Mat Round

Hikira Fire Pit Mat Round

For its part, Hikira presents an extremely resistant Fire Pit Mat model at a price that is difficult to match. With less than $ 15, you can purchase your 24” and larger round mat and ensure that your grill space is not at risk of damage.

With a composition of three layers of fabric, this anti-heat blanket proposal can protect your surfaces up to 900ºC. Thus becoming one of the best fire pit mat for wood deck.

What I don't like is that the low prices are limited by the coverage area. And in this case, as the fabric has larger measurements, the price to pay is much higher.

Outside of that, for practical purposes, you could get a Hikira mat, and not worry about an incident happening with your wood deck.

Why to use a fire pit mat?

Nothing like enjoying a campfire on a cold night, or sharing a wooden food with people that we estimate. But that harmony is lost when in the same heat that we are liked by damaging the wood or lawn.

In the case of a fire pit, hot particles may be blown away by the wind; and even with the same ignition. It would be unfortunate if these particles fell onto the deck wood and left marks; or in the worst case, a large red piece falls directly on it and deteriorates it.

  • However, if either one is headed for the grass, you can expect:
  • Yellow or black spots from burning
  • An unexpected fire

In addition to this, if in your case there is a grill, we must add the risk of hot dripping from food. Without a doubt, this would make the charm of the terrace wood disappear in seconds.

To avoid this, it is enough to have an excellent protector against heat. And it is not about covering the entire surface; but to cover critical space and protect areas most prone to heat damage.

If you have a barbecue, a fire pit, or a smokehouse, and you want to protect your surfaces, you need a mat.

Depending on your particular case, one of the best fire pit mat for wood deck can be your ideal ally. Trust me, you don't need to risk the integrity of your lawn or deck, just make sure to protect the surface properly.
fire pit mat

How to choose the best fire pit mat for wood deck?

Certainly there are various proposals from manufacturers around the world, and each one may be better than the other. However, in our selection of best fire pit mat for wood deck you will find cutting edge options.

Mainly, we take into account the quality of the material with which they were built. In addition, the ease of cleaning and storage also play an important role.

Moreover, we pay enough attention to the design; if we are to the case, we can have surface protection and maintain a good style. So why not?

And indeed, price plays a crucial role.

Although it is true, we deal with covering a range of proposals for various budgets; we must also consider important that our selection could be considered as the most flexible.

I don't want you to spend your money unnecessarily!

I want you to buy only the model that fits your needs! And so you can protect your surfaces from excess heat.

What is the best fire pit mat for wood deck?

As described above, I feel like the Cuisinart CGMT 300 is the best fire pit mat for wood deck.

First of all, it comes from one of the best Grills & Smokers manufacturers. In addition, it is designed on very resistant materials and they have managed to develop a very attractive price proposal.

It is the opportunity to obtain a very good quality product, without investing too much money in it.

What alternative are there?

If you are a lover of practicality and effectiveness, the best is a Fire Pit Mat. Certainly there are more complex surface protectors such as platforms or supports; but in addition to being more expensive, they are not versatile at all.

Something different than the Best fire pit mats for wood deck, it can be difficult to move. Sometimes you even have to assign it a static place; regardless of whether you later want to locate the Fire Pit elsewhere.

There are surfaces covered with special fibers, pulverized concrete or volcanic rock. Generally rectangular or circular bases that undoubtedly isolate the floor from the fire.

However, even aesthetics is compromised in these cases. For sure, what can be more practical to use than a special mat?

You don't need special remodeling skills, or an installation crew. You just open the package, unfold it on the ground and place your fire pit or grill on top.



Keep in mind that each mat is a unique proposal. In the ranking I have given it a weighting according to what I consider important. However, it does not mean that it is the absolute truth.

In that sense, I invite you to observe in detail, the three fire pit mat for wood deck that you like the most. Compare them to the needs of your particular soil; and see for yourself the difference between having it or not.

Something very important is that regardless of the model you choose, it is essential that you perform a test. Expose at discretion, your best fire pit mat for wood deck to a heat source other than your terrace or your lawn. And make sure that the surface you protect is not damaged.

That way, you cover the risk of running into a defective part and only go to the warranty service. You do not need to damage your terrace to validate if you bought the ideal item ...

Of course, let me know your comments and we will be happy to share experiences with the fire pit mats.


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