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Best Pellet Grill For Searing 2022


Do you prefer grilled meat or a roast? How about both? Today there is no need to settle. If you have the Best pellet grill for searing, you can enjoy pleasant moments with your closest friends.

The best thing is that with the same barbecue, you prepare a variety of delicious dishes. In addition, thanks to the use of Pellets, the food acquires a better flavor.

Just by trying a grilled steak in one of them, you will know what I am talking about.

Although the classic charcoal grill has won the hearts of many, definitely a Pellet grill represents a significant advantage in the market.

Greater safety, better taste, greater comfort and generally includes multiple function modes.

Are you ready to discover the best selection of barbecue grills perfect for grilling?

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Top Pick: Traeger Grills Pro Series 780

Traeger Grills Pro Series 780

If what you are looking for is a truly versatile and robust grill, you should definitely have a Traeger. This model tops the list of the brand's most advanced designs and it has been designing state-of-the-art barbecue grills for decades.

With 780 square feet of cooking area and an 18 pound hopper capacity, the brand's 780 series is the best pellet grill for searing. Well, it has a multifunction system that allows you, in addition to cooking on the grill, add at least 6 cooking styles including searing.

In addition to being a fairly resistant model, it has a Wi-Fi control system, which allows you to monitor the temperature of your food without even getting close to it. In addition, it has the essential elements for fast and effective maintenance.

The Good Stuff:

  • Large cooking area
  • Wi-Fi control system
  • Multi-function capability including searing
  • Supports long cooking sessions
  • Constructed with highly durable materials

The Bad Stuff:

  • Requires a large space
  • It is more expensive than its competitors

Best Budget: Z GRILLS ZPG-450A 2020

Z GRILLS ZPG-450A 2020

If you want to equip yourself with an excellent model of grill for searing, but without using a lot of budget, then you should think about Z Grills. Your ZPG-450A model is designed to offer you a great experience in both grilling and searing and at least 6 more functions.

Made with stainless steel, and with a lower budget style, this incredible grill allows you to get the most out of your meals.

It's considerably smaller than the Traeger, but it certainly offers a uniquely positive grill experience.

It has digital controls and an LED system that allows you to be aware of the status of your food. And it is also designed in order to offer you the possibility of cooking without worrying too much about dirt from oils and fats.

The Good Stuff:

  • Perfect for long cooking sessions
  • 15 pound hopper capacity
  • Takes up less space than the Traeger model
  • Designed in stainless steel
  • Most competitive price

The Bad Stuff:

  • Cooking area with less coverage
  •  Doesn't have Wi-Fi

High Quality: Z grills ZPG-2020

Z grills ZPG-2020

Now thirdly, we have another Z Grills model; an update to your ZPG.

This time they gave an extra touch to its design and now it sports an attractive silver on its cover. They expanded the hopper capacity to 20 pounds and kept the modality of a multi-function pellet grill.

This design qualifies within the best pellet grill for searing for its cooking power and its level of resistance. Z Grills is so confident in what they do that they offer a 3 year warranty on their products, so there is little to question about their quality.

This model easily reaches 450ºF and stabilizes to bring you exquisite dishes in no time.

The Good Stuff:

  • Automatic ignition system
  • Led monitor
  • Hopper capacity greater than the previous model
  • Maximum durability design
  • Easy to use and clean

The Bad Stuff:

  • Higher price than the previous model
  • Requires more space
  •  Hard to find in the market

Perfect for Adventurers: Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett

Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett

We can bet that if you are an adventurer and love to cook in the open country, the Davy Crockett from Green Mountain will be your favorite model.

It is certainly not as robust as the models described above, but it is perfect for transporting in the truck. Its design allows you to make a good grill or barbecue wherever you are.

With a compact size, this is the best pellet grill for searing most sought after by adventurers and travelers. Despite the fact that its cooking area is much smaller, it is undoubtedly a model with excellent portability.

In addition, Green Mountain stands out in the market for the excellence of its products, so you can have the power of an excellent barbecue wherever you need it.

The Good Stuff:

  • Includes meat probe
  • Works up to 12V
  • Folding model
  • Integrated thermal sensor

The Bad Stuff:

  • Designed in alloy steel
  • Can't stand long cooking sessions
  • Not so attractive price for a compact model

The Most Elegant: Cuisinart CPG-6000

Cuisinart CPG-6000

Among the most complete models of the best pellet grill for searing you will certainly always find a model from Cuisinart. This time I present the CPG-6000, a powerful multifunctional grill that will leave you speechless.

With a rather imposing design, this barbecue allows you to make the most of your cooking session in its 700” square of cooking area. In addition, it includes shelves that give utility to the space below the cooking zone.

Thanks to its large capacity hopper, this model promises to be active for at least 15 continuous hours. Which makes it the perfect model for meetings of large groups of people.

Of course, you have your digital temperature control system and utensils to avoid a waste disaster. You don't need to be an expert to prepare a family barbecue with one of these, but it requires you to have a much larger budget.

The Good Stuff:

  • Perfect for large groups
  • Supports long cooking sessions
  • Extra large cooking area
  • Digital temperature control system

The Bad Stuff:

  • You need more space
  •  You require a larger budget

Camp Chef PG14BB Sidekick Sear

Camp Chef PG14BB Sidekick Sear

Now, in case you already have a grill and you feel that you still do not have to change it, you can resort to a sidekick sear. The perfect complement to achieve searing in your meals without the need to acquire more expensive or complex equipment.

In that sense, Camp Chef PG14BB is a very attractive proposition in terms of functionality and price. Personally, I prefer all-in-one grills, but perhaps this is the option that best suits your circumstances.

With this small design, you can turn your pellet grill into the best pellet grill for searing in an almost personalized way. It also adapts easily to almost any Camp Chef model, but you must evaluate if it is compatible with your barbecue model.

The Good Stuff:

  • Lightweight, adaptable searing attachment
  • Does not require a large investment
  • Highly resistant design

The Bad Stuff:

  • Small cooking surface
  •  It is not compatible with all models of pellet grills
grill and searing

How to choose the best grill to grill?

This selection of barbecue grills includes a variety of models. The main objective is to offer the possibility of meeting the requirements of each user according to their needs.

Now, even though aesthetics may be of great importance to you, I suggest you also detail the technical aspect. That is, in addition to a beautiful barbecue, you need it to be functional.

Therefore, you must evaluate some characteristics between the Best pellet grill for searing and your particular case. Among the main points to consider you have:

  • Material resistance
  • Maximum temperature
  • Hopper capacity
  • Additional functions
  • Brand endorsement
  • Space it occupies
  • Portability
  • Maintenance

To be honest, a grill that only serves a couple of months is a bad investment. We want more roasts, that's why we look for the Best pellet grill for searing.

In addition, to grill a piece of meat and bring it to the exact point, we need to master the temperature with precision. Therefore, advanced digital or virtual controls are of great importance.

However, if the grill does not withstand high temperatures, we may not be able to reach the desired level of cooking. Which is why it wouldn't be useful if you want a quality roast.

On the other hand, depending on the space you have for the barbecue, and in turn, the time of the session, you will need more or less fuel. So the hopper capacity is decisive if you are a passionate cook for grilling & searing.

I know you don't want to complicate your life. If the grill you choose requires a complex maintenance process, you may not enjoy it as much. However, this selection has quick cleaning systems. Plus, it's backed by brands with an impeccable track record.

best pellet grill for searing

How much does the Best pellet grill for searing cost?

If you're budget conscious, take a break. It is true that there are dozens of Best pellet grill for searing proposals with high prices. But in this selection we decided to bet on variety and a much greater scope.

Each manufacturer attacks a different Target, but at Backyard Sizzle we have a space for everyone. Therefore, in this ranking you will find models that are around $ 900 and other more accessible ones below $ 400.

Indeed, the difference beyond price has to do with the type of solutions offered by each model. But rest assured that the list occupies the best alternatives for each case.

You choose the one that best suits your physical conditions and budget. Rest assured that if it is in this Review, it is a quality product according to its price.


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